Meharry-Vanderbilt Community Engaged Research Core Event

A Collaborative Project to Develop a Plan to Capture Health Behavior Information from YMCA Members

The YMCA has limited information about the health status and health behaviors of its members. Member’s cards are scanned each time they visit one of the YMCA facilities and the YMCA knows which members purchase extra services such as a personal training session. 

The YMCA believes its programming and facilities contribute to better member health, but the YMCA does not have a means to track health behaviors (e.g., nutrient and physical activity) or health outcomes (e.g., body mass index, blood pressure). 

The project had three phases: 1) focus groups to identify willingness of YMCA members to participate in health assessment; 2) develop a health behavior assessment tool; and 3) pilot testing the tool at the East Nashville YMCA. 

We will give an overview of the first two phases and discuss the experiences with the implementation including barriers encountered and lessons learned.

Ted Cornelius
Vice President of Health Innovation
YMCA of Middle Tennessee

David Schlundt
Associate Professor of Psychology
Vanderbilt University

Friday, June 6, 2014
8:30 a.m. - 10 a.m.

YMCA Downtown
1000 Church Street
Nashville, Tennessee

Christine Shoaf