Cecil Phillip Stancil Jr., D.D.S. ’04

Standing on the guidance of his professors and mentors, a graduate commits to giving back.

In 2012, Cecil Phillip Stancil Jr., D.D.S. ’04 felt it was time to exercise the advice his professors and mentors imparted to him as a dental student and resident—the importance and the impact of giving back to his alma mater.

After graduating from dental school, Stancil went on to complete his residency in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, also from Meharry, in 2008.

From the day he graduated, Stancil knew he owed a great deal to the institution that gave him the opportunity to fulfill his dream of becoming a dental surgeon. “During dental school and residency, my mentor, Dr. Robin Daniel, always instilled in me that it takes alumni support and contributions to keep Meharry going for future students to receive the same opportunity I was given,” said Stancil.

In 2012, Stancil made a commitment to support the college on a monthly basis via the Meharry Electronic Giving Program (MEG). At the National Dental Association Convention in July 2013, Stancil extended his commitment to provide a leadership gift as a class agent in recognition of his 10 year class reunion in May 2014.  

Stancil said students at Meharry are uniquely trained and upon graduation, they will be second to none. “Meharry’s students will be well trained and way ahead of many of their colleagues who attended other institutions,” he said. “Meharry definitely prepares you for the clinical life after graduation.”

Stancil is in private practice as the principal of Smyrna Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Implantology Center located in Smyrna, Georgia.