David D. Chube Sr., M.D. '55

Giving back to Meharry is “the way it should be.”


The dedication of David D. Chube Sr., M.D. '55 to his alma mater is unwavering.

"Everything that I have, and everything that I've gotten, has been the result of Meharry," he said. "I have never forgotten Meharry. I have always gone back to Meharry. I've always been a part of Meharry since I graduated..."

Chube is a member of the Guardians of Our Legacy—Meharry alumni who've given over $100,000 in support of the institution.

A native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Chube came to Meharry after serving in World War II, the first in his family to approach medical school.

"I wasn't one of the fortunate students that had prepared themselves in the early years of our education to be a physician—to follow in the footsteps of maybe their parents or some member of their family," he said. "Nobody in my family was a physician. It actually was rewarding to me when I was accepted at Meharry."

Chube, who practices in Gary, Indiana, and has two sons who are also Meharry alumni, said his giving to Meharry is "automatic" and part of his budget. And, according to Chube, since he began giving over fifty years ago, he has never stopped. "I have supported Meharry since 1962. I've never missed a year of making some kind of contribution to Meharry, even during the lean years," he said.

"This is the way it should be."