Eric Floyd, Ph.D. '95

Eric Floyd, Ph.D.Giving back to Meharry is an investment in possibilities.

 "I have to give back and invest in others so they are able to see what the art of the possible is."

Floyd graduated from the School of Graduate Studies and Research (SOGSR) with a Doctor of Philosophy in Neurophysiology. He was the first Ph.D. alumnus to be elected to the Meharry board of trustees. "It's not so much about the research and generating data, it's more about the development of a person to use their critical, analytical, and deductive reasoning skills to be effective in communication and influence. That's what Meharry taught me."

Floyd credits Meharry, its research programs, and faculty members with his personal success. "You truly do not recognize the value of the training you received at Meharry until you've entered your career."

Out of his commitment to Meharry, Floyd gives regularly—particularly to the School of Graduate Studies and Research and its dean, Maria Lima, Ph.D. "I donate $10,000 to Dean Lima every year for the graduate school," he said. "It has become so routine it's like paying a mortgage."