Shedrick D. Jones, DDS, '56

Shedrick Jones, DDSFor this Meharry Guardian, giving back to the College is a matter of the heart.

For Shedrick D. Jones, DDS , '56, giving back to Meharry Medical College is a matter of the heart.

With a prosthodontics practice in Santa Monica, California, and over fifty years in the dental profession, Jones is a member of Meharry's Board of Trustees. He is also one of the Guardians of Our Legacy—members of the Meharry alumni who've contributed over $100,000 in support of their alma mater.

Jones, who started his practice in 1958, said each generation has to make a devoted effort to support Meharry financially. "It's our legacy to make sure that future generations have a place to receive the type of education that Meharry offers today—that we have a legacy of providing this for future generations.

"Now that I realize that, I am in that position—that I have to step up to the plate and give back on the same level in order for the legacy to continue at Meharry."
Jones said those who believe in Meharry's calling should give what they can to support its mission. "It may not be a large sum of money, but the act of giving does not necessarily involve the size of the amount of giving, but it's the willingness to give out of the heart.

"There couldn't be a better cause than Meharry," he said.