Meharry Medical College Holds Inaugural Demonstration of New Delta Dental Simulation Lab

Delta Dental donated $750,000 to enhance students’ training at Meharry School of Dentistry; only simulation lab of its kind in Middle Tennessee

Meharry Medical College's dental students and faculty will demonstrate critical training exercises in a real-life environment without putting patients in danger thanks to the new Delta Dental Simulation Lab at Meharry. Made possible by a generous $750,000 gift from Delta Dental, the simulation lab is the only one of its kind in Middle Tennessee and is a critical component of Meharry's dental education program.

The Delta Dental Simulation Lab features 30 workstations that operate like real dental work chairs, complete with overhead lights and mannequins on which students can gain hands-on experience. Students have opportunities to practice any type of dental procedure on the simulation equipment—from routine cleanings to complex root canals—while being videotaped and observed by faculty and other students. The lab also allows students to practice on simulated pediatric dental patients. The 2012-2013 school year is the first time the Delta Dental Simulation Lab has been available to dental students.

Delta Dental, the largest dental insurance provider in Tennessee, has supported Meharry's dental school for nearly a decade. This is the group's largest single gift to the school.