Public and Community Affairs

The Public and Community Affairs Division is the College's liaison with the general public, community, and public interest groups. The Division also disseminates general information to the public and community regarding College activities, initiatives and policy directions.

Major areas of responsibilities are:

  • Provides information on College programs and activities to the general public, community and public interest groups, through outreach materials, posting agency actions and time-sensitive content on the OEA Website, and responding to written and telephone inquiries from the general public.
  • Administers and manages the College's Outreach and Communications Program proactively to identify and conduct outreach activities with key community and non-governmental organizations.
  • Coordinates discussions with stakeholders, conducts information and demonstration sessions, conferences, and workshops with the public when needed.Coordinates the aspects of the College's ongoing strategic communication planning process that involves major policy issues and relations with public interest, community, or community groups.
  • Assists other internal offices in developing informational materials for outreach to the public.