Safety Officers

Radiation Safety Officer
Ling Hsiu Chung
Radiation Safety Officer

The Radiation Safety Officer is responsible for the coordination of all aspects of the Radioactive Material License (in both general license and specific license) issued to Meharry Medical College by the State of Tennessee. The license is for the use of radioactive material in biomedical research endeavors.

Services Offered

  • Training
  • Surveys and inspections
  • Radioactive materials approvals
  • Receipt, inventory and monitoring of radioactive shipments on campus
  • Radiation exposure monitoring—dosimetry and bioassays
  • Contamination monitoring
  • Shielding assessments
  • Calibration of radiation equipment (ex., Geiger counter)
  • Exposure assessment and tracking
  • Incident and spill response
  • Leak testing of sealed sources
  • Decommissioning laboratories
  • Radioactive waste disposal program
  • Dental x-ray units and Liquid Scintillation Analyzer per State registration
  • Protocol review regarding non-human use of radioactive materials usage request

Chemical & Biological Safety Officer
Dr. Twum A. Ansah
Bio-Chemical Safety Officer

The Chemical & Biological Safety Officer is responsible for managing programs of chemical and biological safety for faculty, students and staff involved in research at Meharry Medical College. This includes managing the collection of hazardous chemical and biological waste from Meharry research laboratories and facilities in accordance with local, State and Federal regulations. 

Services Offered

  • Training
  • Surveys and inspections
  • MSDS searches
  • Chemical safety laboratory inspections
  • Chemical fume hood testing
  • Research review
  • Spill response
  • Biological safety laboratory and clinical inspections
  • Autoclave inspections
  • Assistance with transportation of infectious substances
  • Scheduling of biological safety cabinet and laminar flow hood certifications
  • Research laboratory injury investigations involving chemical and biological materials.
  • Biological safety consultation for animal use
  • Biological spill response

Environmental Health & Safety Officer
Position Vacant
Environmental Health & Safety Officer

The Environmental Health & Safety Officer is responsible for the development and implementation of a campus wide health and safety program. This includes frequent communication with all levels of College management, staff, students, patients, and visitors.  The Officer is responsible for ensuring that the College maintains compliance with the standards promulgated by OSHA/TOSHA, TDEC, EPA, and other applicable regulatory and accrediting agencies.

 Services Offered

  • Develops and implements safety policies and operating procedures for the College.
  • Co-Chairs the college-wide Environmental Health and Safety Committee and maintains minutes and documentation from meetings.
  • Conducts in-service training programs on Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery for faculty, staff and students.
  • Develops and implements in-service training programs for faculty, staff and students in the safe handling, storage, and disposal of hazardous materials.
  • Maintains accident and injury records in accordance with OSHA and other regulatory agencies.
  • Conducts safety audits for the College and medical clinics.  Reports results of audits, maintains audit records, and recommends corrective action plans to resolve deficiencies.  Assist various areas with implementing corrective action plans.  
  • Provides academic support to Occupational Medicine.
  • Formulates and implements the College's safety program and ensures that the College is in compliance with all regulatory agencies in regard to safety.
  • Plans and evaluates all College training and development activities in safety.
  • Works collaboratively with the Research Safety Officer and Radiation Safety Officer in managing the overall effectiveness of the College safety program.
  • Works collaboratively with Campus Operations, Facilities, and the Department of Public Safety and Security.