Internal Audit

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Internal Audit is an independent appraisal activity within Meharry Medical College for the comprehensive review of operations as a service to management. The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees "approved the establishment of an Internal Audit function," such department to become operative on October 1, 1978. The Directive issued set out the following:

The Director of Internal Auditor and his/her staff have full, free, and unrestricted access to all of Meharry's records, properties, and personnel and may make contact with any level of management concerned with carrying out an audit or investigation. The extent and frequency of internal audits depend on varying circumstances and there are no set rules as to the number of times any activity may be audited.

The Internal Audit Department does not direct but "audits" the condition and performance of operations and controls for all levels of management; helps management know how well its controls, policies, and procedures are working; and suggest solutions where there are deficiencies.

This website is designed to provide information concerning the function of the Internal Audit Department, the audit process, the roles of the auditee, and the Audit & Compliance Committee of the Board of Trustees in the success of the internal audit function. In addition, our website provides to the members of the academic and administrative communities, educational information and guidance concerning internal controls and business ethics.

We welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions on how to improve internal audit services to the College community. Please use the contact information listed below.


Mary L. Thompson, MA, CFE, CRMA.,CICA
Chief Audit Executive

Demetra Pulley, MBA./HRM, CICA
Assistant Director

Romona Douglas-Matlock, CFE, CICA
Senior Auditor

Jonathan Sanders, CFE, CICA
Senior Auditor

Leonard Sullivan, MBA, CISA                                                                   Information Systems Auditor                                                                              615.327.6193                                                                                                                                         


Internal Audit Department
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