Alumni Questionnaire

TO: All Meharry Alumni and Friends

FROM: Dr. Henry A. Moses

DATE: June 23, 2016

RE: An Enhanced Communication Initiative

The Office of Alumni Affairs is partnering with the Division of Institutional Advancement and the Office of Communications and Marketing on a new venture which is designed to improve our communication with all alumni of the college.

Below are some of the initiatives in which we plan to engage each alumnus.

  1. UPDATE YOUR FILE. The questionnaire below, when completed and returned to us, will be used, with your permission, to highlight your accomplishments and other information with fellow Meharrians through printed and web-based features about you. Throughout the year, we will post information on the Meharry website. The class years ending in 2s and 7s especially will be emphasized as Spring 2017 will be your next reunion year.
  2. The information will help us better respond to citizens all over the country who request that we give them the names of professionals in a particular city. Many wish to use the services of a Meharry graduate for their health needs.
  3. Help facilitate networking with fellow Meharrians who are in practice in an area where you may plan to relocate.
  4. Make it simple and easy to pay alumni dues. You may select several methods.
    • Check (personal or office)
    • Online: Click link at right to pay alumni dues

Please note the perks at right associated with active alumni association membership.

Please let us hear from you soon. Thank you for your support of Meharry Medical College and the Meharry National Alumni Association, Inc.

Dr. Henry A. Moses
Executive Director

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