activity form

The Commencement Ceremony is Saturday, May 20, 2017 at 9:00 am, Belmont Curb Event Center. Commencement Reunion Activities will commence May 15, 2017.


An Activity Form must be completed for each event you plan to have appear in the Commencement/Reunion Activity Booklet. Please fill out your form completely and click the submit button to transmit. Incomplete Forms will not be accepted.

Please make all submissions by 12 Noon March 24, 2017.

If you are using campus spaces contact the following for Reservations:

  • Linda Williams –x6904 (TQM Room)
  • Linda Burton–x6337 (SOM, Lecture Halls)
  • Alicia Cross –x6784 (SOD, Cox Auditorium)
  • Malynda Gaines –x6533 (Utmost Bound, SOGS Classrooms)
  • Judy Johnson –x6728 (Library –Multipurpose Room)
  • Lisa Dixon –x6105 (Cal Turner Family Center, Moses Alumni Hall & Lyttle Hall Parlor and Meeting Space)
  • Sherrica Proctor -x5500 (Metz Catering @ Meharry)

Please be reminded that you are responsible for securing your event locations.

Thank you.