Graduation Requirements

Here are some suggestions to help you navigate to graduation.

  1. Review your degree requirements with your advisor.

  2. Verify graduation deadlines for your school.

  3. Order graduation announcements.

  4. Update your permanent address on MYMMC (self service) to ensure you receive your diploma and all other pertinent information without delay.

  5. Clear your records. Incomplete items can stop graduation. Your professor must clear them before the deadline set by your dean's office. This also holds true for continuing education courses. Grades must be in before the deadlines, and your dean's office must be notified.

  6. Any financial obligations you have (fines, tickets, fees, etc.) must be cleared with the proper areas.

  7. If you have any outstanding student loans, check with the Office of Financial Aid. All records must be cleared before you can receive your diploma. Call Student Financial Services at 615-327-6826 for more information.

  8. Use this website to answer all of your questions regarding commencement.

  9. Contact the Office of Student Services for assistance with resumé development.

Join the Alumni Association. Contact the Alumni Association at 615-327-6266 or go to the Alumni Association Web Page for more information.