Faculty Affairs and Development

The Office of Faculty Affairs and Development oversees and supports faculty in the submission of faculty portfolios/dossiers for appointment, promotion, and tenure The office staffs the Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure Committees (APT) for the College and in the Schools of medicine, dentistry, and graduate studies and research. The office works with the deans, department heads, and directors in meeting their objectives to recruit, appoint, promote, and tenure exceptional faculty for teaching, research, and clinical and professional service.

The Office of Faculty Affairs and Development conducts an annual orientation for new faculty and oversees standing committee operations (APT, Grievance, Career Pathways), and conducts statistical reporting on faculty.

To achieve its goals and objectives for all schools, the Office collaborates with the Department of Human Resources, Anna Cherrie Epps, Ph.D. Center for Educational Development and Support, and other appropriate offices on the campus and within each School.

Please contact our office directly if you have additional questions or need further assistance.

Office of Faculty Affairs and Development
Telephone: 615.327.6764