Family MedicinE


Our Program

The Meharry Family Medicine Residency offers a dynamic training experience that allows resident physicians to work with highly diverse populations and equally diverse colleagues. The primary benefit of this approach is the versatility of the graduate practice spectrum. Likewise, the benefits of an opposed program include excellent consulting and teaching from a broad talent pool of specialists and generalists alike.

Residents serve their own panel of patients in several Family Medicine Centers and during various rotations at Nashville General Hospital, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Veterans Affairs Clinics, and other affiliates, under the supervision of family medicine physicians and specialists.

Training in the Patient Centered Medical Home model supports the development of the resident's skills, providing cutting-edge practice guidelines and preparing them for careers on the forefront of Family and Community Medicine. Meharry also offers a unique opportunity for residents to gain experience and create an impact while treating several types of populations, including designated underserved and vulnerable patients. The rotation curriculum, outlined in each respective area of study, illustrates the range of learning experiences available to every resident.

Each of our postgraduate training programs set goals that:

  • Train family physicians to respond competently to the needs of their patients and families
  • Develop qualified community and national leaders
  • Provide services to all communities with special attention to the poor and underserved

Complementary programming overlaps with the curricula of the Preventive Medicine Residency, Occupational Medicine Residency, and the Sports Medicine Fellowship.

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