Preventive Medicine

Thank you for your interest in the Meharry Medical College Public Health and General Preventive Medicine residency training program. Our mission is to encourage, assist, and train promising physicians to become leaders in research, education, and intervention in the area of general preventive medicine, with a strong focus on health care disparities. These physicians are trained to provide exemplary care for the poor and underserved, consistent with the heritage and mission of Meharry Medical College,

By design, residents in our program encounter a broad range of training experiences necessary to acquire the skills needed to effectively impact their individual patients and the communities they serve—whether they ultimately practice in rural, urban, or undeserved settings.

Our physicians, both at the faculty and resident levels, have the responsibility to maintain medical, educational, and administrative excellence in all of their activities. They are encouraged to develop their clinical and public health leadership skills through involvement in one-on-one patient management, population-based health management, scholarly research, oral and written presentations, and publications.