Resident Testimonials

Tony EkDr. Ekwowo, M.D., M.P.H“The friendly community, the availability of good schools for my kids, and the excellent climate (away from snow) are some of the reasons why I chose Nashville. Residency at Meharry offers exposure to a wide variety of patients with different psychopathologies. After completing training at Meharry, I believe that I will be ready to practice high-quality psychiatry anywhere in the world. We are blessed with experienced faculty and staff who are easily approachable. The future looks bright and I hope to complete my training here, become board-certified, and complete a fellowship in Geriatrics. If you are looking for a great learning environment in which you will be treated like family, I will recommend applying to our program.”

Dr. MaitraSarbani Maitra, M.D. “When it came time to pick a residency program in Psychiatry, I chose Meharry Medical College, as this program enables their residents to become psychiatrists with training in varied settings and establishments. This program provides their residents with the right blend of clinical practice, academia and research; and above all, encourages an environment of inquiry. I have had a long standing interest in Geriatric Psychiatry and this program gives me the opportunity to get adequate exposure to this subspecialty. I love this program and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in being a part of a collegial and nurturing environment.”

Dr. NathaniMilankumar Nathani, M.D.  “Excellent clinical training with great diversity in patients and diversity in clinical practice style, well balanced curriculum, positive reinforcement and support for sharpening of academic and research skills, great peer support, very friendly and warm work environment, and always accessible faculties for professional and personal growth are a few of the reasons why I choose the Meharry family for my residency training. If I were asked to choose the residency program of my choice again, I will choose Meharry over and over again.”

Dr. OfoemezieKingsley E. Ofoemezie, M.D.  "I had a wonderful opportunity of working closely with the Faculty and Residents of the Department of Psychiatry, Meharry Medical College, before I became a Resident. My experience interacting with members of the Faculty and Residents was such a huge influence in my decision to train in this wonderful program as a Psychiatrist. Meharry Medical College has a very rich history behind it. So does the Department of Psychiatry.  The strength of academic work, the clinical experience, and the diversity of the patient population are some the enviable characteristics of this program. The faculty is caring, friendly, and supportive and provide a conducive environment for learning. The Residents are from a diverse background and support each other, so you will not miss home!

Moreover, the City of Nashville provides a great training and learning environment. If you are thinking of choosing a Residency program to train as a Psychiatrist, the Residency Training Program at the Great and Historic Meharry Medical College is highly recommended."

Dr. SaburAleema Sabur, M.D.  "I am a free spirit with a passion for health and healthcare.  I have served on several medical mission trips in the past and have a desire to work with the underserved around the world as well as here at home.  I chose Meharry Medical College because they have the same mission I do, ‘To be of service to all mankind.’  The Psychiatric Department has traveled around the world serving indigent populations on mission trips and I am honored to be a part of this family."

Dr. AshfaqSadaf Ashfaq, M.D., M.H.A.  “I feel respected and appreciated as a Meharry Psychiatry resident. The diverse exposure we are receiving daily here makes me confident that I will be able to successfully apply my skills in any setting. I have always had a real passion to work in the community and this program gave me the opportunity to get exposed to working with the indigent population. Based on my current experiences, I would recommend this program to anyone who is interested in being part of a learning institute with a commitment to serve and provide care to the community.”

Dr. James JonesJim Jones, M.D.  “When I think about how fortunate I am to be a resident in the psychiatry program at Meharry, I count my blessings! Everyday I am exposed to some of the best individuals that I have had the opportunity to ever meet.  My co-residents are much like my family. I look forward to our Grand Rounds/Didactics every Tuesday when I get a chance to interact with them. The faculty, especially Drs. Bailey, Richie and McLeod-Bryant, treat us like their colleagues but also make sure that our needs are met. The Meharry Psychiatry Residency Training Program is simply the best!”

Dr. Kenneth OsiezaghaKenneth Osiezagha, M.D.  “As an extern in 2011, I was exposed to a culture of excellence and faculty that made psychiatry very cool. The atmosphere was so nurturing that it provided the foundation for the pursuit of individual and collective fulfillment. Above all, the camaraderie among the residents was a cause of envy for residents in other programs. Rotating through multiple sites, being exposed to different health systems, and having to attend to a variety of patient populations is invaluable as I prepare to face the current and future challenges in the field of psychiatry. For a graduate of University of Port Harcourt Nigeria, the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral sciences at Meharry is home away from home.”

Dr. OlagbemiroYetunde Olagbemiro, M.D. “I chose Meharry Medical College because of its strong foundation and orientation in both clinical practice and research, with a primary focus on the underserved population. My experience providing service to the underserved and the minority population has provided me with a unique perspective regarding the importance of cultural competency in the field of psychiatry and helped hone the skill set needed to work effectively and efficiently with this population. My future goal is to work in the Child and Adolescent population and I will be pursuing a Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.”

Dr. JaleelMohammad Jaleel, M.D.  “I received my M.D. from Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad, India and got post graduate training in Medicine back in India. I practiced for 14 years before I immigrated to the U.S. with my family for further education and research. Meharry Medical College gave me the opportunity to fulfill my dream of becoming a U.S.-trained Physician. Meharry is such a wonderful place to work, and the department provides residents with a very friendly and helpful atmosphere that exposes us to a highly diverse patient population.”

Dr. RaoufAhmed Abdel-Raouf, M.D., M.S., “Meharry gave me an opportunity to become a Psychiatrist by providing me with a venue to grow and learn about a human being’s emotional and intellectual functions. As a Meharry resident, I feel very at home with the comfortable, family atmosphere that exists between the faculty, staff, and the residents. This enables us to talk freely about our training experiences. This allows me to make a significant contribution and to work well with the underserved population, which I will continue throughout my career after graduation!”

residentHilary Akpudo, M.D., MPH, CHMP “I chose Meharry because I was looking for a residency training program which would provide me with a diverse patient population that would parallel real life situations. Meharry's access to a full range of training sites and patient populations provides invaluable experience in clinical, educational, and cultural competencies relevant to practice post residency training. I was looking for a program with a great balance of work, education, and play. Now in my final year, if I had to choose a residency program all over again, I would choose Meharry.”

Dr. Clarence Gerard WhiteClarence Gerard White, M.D. "I knew I wanted to be a doctor at 10 years old, and a psychiatrist at 26.  I started an internal medicine residency, and did over a year before I made the decision to go with my heart (Psychiatry)... Meharry is one of the few programs to have such a varying offering of community training (the African American community, Hispanic community, VA /Combat community, Caucasian community, State hospital setting, Private hospital setting, Hospital and Private clinic experiences, and Southern Ivy League hospital experiences). Meharry is a leader in community psychiatry."