Collection Development Policy

The Meharry Medical College Library (MMCL) focuses on developing collections of materials to support MMC's patient care, research, and education missions, with a special focus on community-based healthcare and healthcare and research in minority and underserved populations.

To make information accessible at the point of need, MMCL selects current and actively updated electronic materials (typically journals) supplemented with textbooks and critical print materials. The MMCL’s focus is increasingly directed towards reducing print resources in favor of providing widely accessible online resources. In keeping with this collection philosophy, MMCL's print collection will continue to decrease as access is progressively provided to materials on the user's desktop.

As a parallel strategy to complement items not available in the MMCL collection in print or electronic form, the library employs its document delivery service (DDS) to provide fast, free access for the MMC community. The MMCL will continue to maintain print versions of historically valuable items or critical materials not easily accessible in electronic form.

Selection of books, journals and databases for inclusion in the library is based upon suggestions from MMC personnel, benchmarking with other institutions, and the MMCL collection development team's judgments on the relevance, coverage, and usefulness of specific resources.

Please let the library know if you have difficulty locating information within the Digital Library or in the print collection.
For assistance, call the library at 327-6318.