Electives by special interest

Students are required to take the following courses based on their intent to take the comprehensive examination or complete a thesis document:

Core Courses- Required (24 HRS)

Biostatistics I
Health Administration 
Health Behavior
Research Design
Externship/ Field Placement 

Students may also take additional electives based on their area of special interest:

Elective Courses- (21 HRS)

Health Planning 
Strategic Management 
Health Economics
Health Care Accounting
Health Care Seminar
Epidemiology II
Organizational & HR Management 
Biostatistics II
Occupational Health I 
Data Management 
Occupational Health II
Health Care Finance 
Manage Care
Readings in Public Health 
Organizational Behavior 
Program Evaluation 
Health Promotion and Health Education 
Occupational Toxicology 
Industrial Hygiene
Public Health Law, Policy, and Ethics
Thesis Research
Total Credit Hour (24 required + 21 electives) = 45 hrs.