Microbiology and Immunology emphasis

Faculty mentors in the Microbiology and Immunology graduate program are involved in the study of the molecular bases for pathogenesis in response to viral or bacterial infection, or in response to parasitic invasion, and the immune response of host cells to these infections. One research strength is parasitology, focusing on pathogens that previously ravaged third-world countries but now are also appearing in our country as opportunistic infections of HIV/AIDS. Faculty participating in the Center of Excellence for Health Disparities in HIV/AIDS also serve as mentors for this graduate program and address bases for HIV entry, replication, and propagated infection, as well as the factors that modulate the immune response to this infection and the efficacy of therapeutic interventions.



Minu Chaudhuri, Ph.D.

Microbiology and Immunology
School: Medicine

Phone: 615.327.5726
Email: mchaudhuri@mmc.edu

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Office Location: West Basic Science Building, Room 4105