Neuroscience Emphasis

Neuroscience represents the broad study of the brain and behavior. The areas of particular emphasis in the research laboratories of faculty mentors in this program are degenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease; neuronal plasticity, such as occurs in learning and memory as well as in disease, including addictions; and fundamental mechanisms controlling brain signaling, such as neurotransmitter transporters that regulate transmitter availability and neurotransmitter receptors that initiate chemical and electrical signaling mechanisms. Studies range from quantitative observations on the electrical activity of single molecules to the in vivo behavior in animal model systems and in human beings.


Mokha, Sukhbir

Sukhbir S.Mokha, Ph.D.

Vice Chairman and Professor
Neuroscience and Pharmacology
School: Medicine

Phone: 615.327.6933

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Office Location: Biomedical Sciences Building, Room B