Research at Meharry Medical College

Neuroscience and Pharmacology

Twenty percent of the nation's Ph.Ds in Neuroscience were trained right here at Meharry. Graduate, medical, and dental scholars are trained to conduct basic, translational, clinical, social, and behavioral research, generating new knowledge that contributes to the nation's effort to reduce health disparities in the areas of neurological disease, mental health, and drug abuse/addiction—including alcoholism.

Along those same lines, we provide students with an intensive knowledge of pharmacology as a science, exposing them to pharmacological research methodologies that provide skill in the practice of the science, and the opportunity to apply these skills in pharmacological research. Students gain a problem-solving approach to the understanding of pharmacology that makes a reasoned, objective correlation between pharmacological and other types of knowledge; this approach serves as both a foundation and methodology toward solutions.

To this end, our strong research program rounds out the student experience.

Students perform research with faculty whose interests range from the molecular neurobiology of cellular signaling and synaptic plasticity, to the neurobiology of complex animal behavior, to toxin/environmentally based neurological disorders.

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