Meharry Medical College patient care

Family and Community Medicine

Established in 1974, the Department of Family and Community Medicine was founded on the belief that all people should have access to physicians trained to diagnose and manage the wide range of medical problems found in primary care settings.

We believe that "health" is a holistic state of well-being and our team is dedicated to helping individuals, families, and communities achieve health through our efforts in providing patient care services, education, and research.

To this end, our department is committed to a broad range of training experiences that provide the ability to function effectively in underserved settings. Guided by the Patient Centered Medical Home Model, our faculty, staff, and residents have a responsibility to maintain medical, educational, and administrative excellence in all of their activities, including leadership development through scholarship, presentation, and publication.

Over the years, we merged with the Divisions of Occupational Medicine, Preventive Medicine, the Center for Community-based Training and Research, and the Center for Nutrition. These collaborative relationships now provide mutually beneficial opportunities for health research, including joint residency training and shared resources, to name a few.

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