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Meharry's Dr. Duane Smoot Urges Men to Utilize Information in the Tennessee Men's Health Report Card

The 2014 Report Says Heart Disease and Cancer are the Top Two Causes of Death for Tennessee Men

Tennessee Men's Health Report Card 2014“The Tennessee Men’s Health Report Card provides vital information on the health of men in Tennessee,” said Duane T. Smoot, M.D., chair of the Department of Internal Medicine at Meharry. “This is important information that needs to be viewed by men across the state. This is also information that our public health officials and state representatives can utilize to adequately deploy health care resources around the state.”
Dr. Smoot goes on to say that overall heart disease and cancer are the top two causes of death for men in Tennessee (24.7 percent and 24.4 percent, respectively). 

“The state has been doing very well with regard to heart disease, as the death rates have been declining and we are near our state goals in this area, which includes not just Whites, but also for African Americans and Hispanics,” said Dr. Smoot.  “However, with regard to cancer, the state is not doing that well, with death rates well above the state goals for most cancers; and we continue to have significantly more African Americans than whites and Hispanics dying from cancer (when age-adjusted).”   In relation to heart disease, Dr. Smoot notes that Tennessee has made much progress. However, there is still much work that needs to be done across the state to reduce cancer death rates overall and also to reduce the racial disparities.

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