Elam Center at Meharry Medical College

Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

The objective of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences is to meet the mental health needs of underserved and disadvantaged populations.

We provide mental health services, train mental health care professionals to render and conduct research that addresses mental health and psychiatric services.

Established in 1971 as the Meharry Community Mental Health Center and renamed in honor of Dr. Lloyd C. Elam in 1991, you will find our environment is one of support, nurturing, structure and most of all choice. Elam Mental Health Center is a part of Meharry Medical College, a unique and irreplaceable resource in the nation's effort to address the disparity in health status between minorities and other Americans.

The teaching of clinical psychiatry has two major goals:

  • Impart knowledge about psychiatric conditions
  • Cultivate sensitivity to the patient as an individual whose unique attitude toward self and the physician often play an important part in the physician's ability to diagnose and treat the patient. This sensitivity characterizes the good physician in every specialty of medicine.

The Department of Psychiatry's integrated approach uses education, training, and research to meet the needs of underserved and disadvantaged populations for mental health and psychiatric services. This approach serves three purposes:

  1. Provide mental health services to patients;
  2. Train health professionals to render services in an empathetic manner; and
  3. Conduct research that addresses the amelioration of personal and psychiatric problems that affect mental health and psychiatric services.

In addition, our clinics, substance abuse, and rehabilitation programs at Elam Center provide an excellent service to patients and family. The result is a cooperative relationship with the community that is fostered and maintained.

The residency program offers integrated training to residents in an extensive array of clinical rotations, with excellent supervision. The goal of the program is to train residents with a strong base in all aspects of psychiatry as well as in research, with emphasis on humane aspect of patient care.

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