Medical Student Education

The Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Meharry Medical College recognizes the vital importance of psychiatric education in the undergraduate medical student curriculum and plays a dynamic role in teaching Meharry's medical students.

The teaching program of the Department of Psychiatry has been designed to present students with the biological, psychological, interpersonal, and social concepts of the discipline. The curriculum aims to assist students in:

  1. Acquiring a foundation of knowledge regarding the biological, psychological, sociological, and humanistic aspects of the practice of medicine;
  2. Mastering basic interpersonal and psychiatric skills relevant to the management of patients with medical and/or psychiatric illness; and
  3. Emulating attitudes and behaviors that enhance the professional roles and practices of a physician within multidisciplinary treatment teams.

Throughout the 4-week core-clerkship, students are introduced to the mental status exam and psychiatric interviewing and are also introduced to the diagnostic features, epidemiology, clinical course, treatment, and neurobiology of the core psychiatric disorders.  These disorders include mood, anxiety, psychotic, personality, substance use, eating, trauma, and childhood disorders. Didactics foster growing competence in the understanding, assessment, and multi-modal treatment of individuals with major psychiatric disorders, including those with co-morbid medical illnesses.

By the end of the rotation, medical students will have the necessary exposure to a wide range of psychiatric issues that they will encounter as future physicians (no matter their chosen field) and will gain an appreciation for the importance that psychiatric problems play in the overall health and wellbeing of their patients.  The rotation strives to give students a meaningful experience which encourages a greater sensitivity and respect for the field of mental health.

We thank you for your interest, and invite you to explore the website for more information regarding our department.