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The Meharry Medical College School of Medicine is proud of its role as a National Center of Excellence in minority health education. While Meharry is a historically Black college, its student body reflects the diversity of the nation, with individuals representing the African-American, Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American communities.

To this end, Meharry Medical College also believes that the answers to disease and chronic illnesses may be within and among different racial/ethnic and disadvantaged population groups. Training individuals from different cultures and from disadvantaged backgrounds early in their education promotes health and decreases disparities between/among groups.

Meharry's integration of 'cultural competency' into teaching and training has received unprecedented national attention over the past ten years, but it's actually been a part of our approach since 1876. Through studying, researching, and experiencing the similarities and differences between and among cultures, Meharry students reflect not only a cultural awareness to the health care needs of others who may be different, but they are equipped with a set of skills in cultural competency that demonstrate a passion and commitment in improving the health status of the individual and the community.

This approach becomes even more relevant as Meharry redirects its medical and dental education programs toward a more integrated focus, in part because of the evident disparities in health status among certain racial and ethnic groups, immigrants, and limited-English proficiency populations.

Through its role as a Center of Excellence, Meharry Medical College continues as a leader in minority health education, ever-expanding the curriculum to prepare future physicians to be more effective with an increasingly diverse patient population.

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