Principal Investigator


Veronica T. Mallett, M.D., MMM

Senior Vice President for Health Affairs, and Dean, School of Medicine

Phone: 615.327.6204

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Center Director

Ballard, Billy

Billy R. Ballard, M.D., D.D.S.

Associate Dean for Continuing Medical Education; Chairman and Professor, Pathology
School: Medicine

Phone: 615.327.6636

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Associate Program Director

Ward, Cassandra

Cassandra Ward, Ed.D.

Associate Dean for Curriculum Evaluation and Effectiveness
School of Medicine Dean's Office
School: Medicine

Phone: 615.327.6048

Coordinator for Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Medicine Program

Sharon Turner-Friley

Sharon Turner-Friley, M.S.W.

Assistant Dean for Special Programs
Student Academic Affairs
School: Medicine

Phone: 615.327.5966

Web Content Manager

C. Anderson

Cynthia Yeldell Anderson, M.S.

Communications and Digital Marketing Manager
Office of the Dean
School: Medicine

Phone: 615.327.5665

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