Geriatric Center Programs

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The following educational opportunities are offered at the Meharry Consortium Geriatric Education Center for Meharry students and residents:

Ethnogeriatrics series—classes provided to MS-I students as an introductory exposure to cultural competency and serving diverse populations

Growth, Development and Aging Course—a three-credit course for MS-II students with lectures, small group discussions and clinical training at area senior centers and assisted living communities

Dental, Psychiatry, Neurology, and Family Medicine—lectures, lunch and learn seminars, and clinical rotations provide students with more in-depth training in caring for older adults

Geriatric Student Forum—open to all students, this forum provides unique geriatric training opportunities, and serves as the voice of students interested in geriatrics

Geriatric Student Forum

The Geriatric Student Forum is a special interest group for students that provides information about how to effectively diagnose, treat, and manage elderly patients. It also serves as the voice of Meharry students who are interested in Geriatrics. Through lunchtime lectures and other events, students learn about important topics like inter-professional teams, end-of-life care, cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders, and dental care for the elderly. The forum also provides information to students about summer research opportunities and scholarships, internships, and conferences.

For more information, please contact Dr. Ruth Garrett at 615.327.6947 or

Inter-Professional Team Training

Inter-professional team training is a primary focus of Geriatric Education Centers. To ensure that health professional students develop skills for working in inter-professional teams, the Meharry Consortium Geriatric Education Center hosts an annual inter-professional team geriatric case training. More than 150 medical, nursing, pharmacy, nutrition, and social work students and faculty from six local colleges and universities participate in the event. Students are divided into inter-disciplinary teams to analyze a geriatric case and develop an intervention plan. Faculty experts are available to consult with teams, and "floating" nurse practitioners observe and rate team dynamics. The program concludes with an interactive, interdisciplinary general assembly where an expert panel provides feedback and answers questions.

For more information, please contact Carol Galvez Gutierrez at 615.327.6947 or via email at

Delirium Evidence Based Practice Project

Vanderbilt is leading our Delirium Evidence Based Practice project after designing and piloting an intervention on the Acute Care of the Elderly unit and surgical wing. As part of the Acute Care of the Elderly unit study, Vanderbilt faculty created a nursing delirium training module, a physician delirium order set (WizOrder), and an informatics tool incorporating Confusion Assessment Method (CAM) screenings by nurses with scores entered into the Electronic Medical Record (EMR). An electronic alert is programmed into the EMR so that the medical team knows when a patient has been identified as delirious per a positive nursing CAM assessment. This alert offers the physician the opportunity to enter the Geriatric Delirium Order set to choose laboratory tests, pharmacologic treatments, and non-pharmacologic treatments.

For 2014-15, Dr. Parul Goyal will continue to lead a team and train physicians/residents and nurses, social workers, pharmacists and nutritionists on the medical-palliative care wing at Vanderbilt Medical Center. Booster trainings are being conducted to build on the previous educational intervention which covered assessment of risk factors for delirium, use of the shortened CAM (S-CAM) along with nursing documentation of delirium in the EMR. The ultimate goal is to improve prevention, detection and evidence based treatment of delirium in older hospitalized patients.

For more information, please contact Dr. Parul Goyal at parul.goyal@Vanderbilt.Edu.

Continuing Education training

MCGEC provides numerous training opportunities throughout the year for faculty and health practitioners. Programs are offered at Meharry Medical College, Vanderbilt, the VA-TN Valley Healthcare System and other locations.  Sign up for our mailing list to receive notices for events like the Geriatrics and Gerontology Interest Group lunchtime lectures, the Gerontology Education series, Dean's Lectures and the annual Geriatric Update conference.