Inter-Professional Team                        Geriatric Case Training

Inter-professional team training is a primary focus of Geriatric Education Centers. To ensure that health professional students develop skills for working in inter-professional teams, the Meharry Consortium Geriatric Education Center hosts an annual inter-professional team geriatric case training.

On February 14, 2014, 183 medical, nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy, nutrition, and social work students and faculty from six local colleges and universities participated in the Inter-Professional Team Training at Meharry Medical College. Students were divided into inter-disciplinary teams to analyze a geriatric case and develop a care plan. Faculty experts were available to consult with teams, and nurse practitioner student 'observers' rated team dynamics. The program concluded with an interactive, interdisciplinary general assembly where students provided feedback on the case study, and an expert panel presented their care plan and answered questions.

Due to requests to accommodate additional graduate students, more than 190 medical, nursing and physical therapy students met at Tennessee State University on February 14. These students also held team meetings to discuss the geriatric case and develop care plans. They concluded by discussing their plans with faculty and watching a live-stream of the general assembly from Meharry.

For more information, please call Carol Galvez Gutierrez at 615.327.6947.