Inter-Professional Team                        Geriatric Case Training

The Meharry Consortium Geriatric Education Center (MCGEC) will host more than 250 students and faculty from ten local graduate and professional programs for an Inter-Professional Team Geriatric Case Training on February 26, 2016

Medical students from Meharry, Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) students from Tennessee State University, Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) students from Tennessee State University, PharmD students from Belmont and Lipscomb, Master of Social Work (MSW) students from the University of Tennessee and Tennessee State University, and Dietetic Interns from Vanderbilt and National HealthCare (NHC) will be pre-assigned to inter-disciplinary teams.

During the team meetings, students will have the opportunity to enhance communication and teamwork skills while analyzing a geriatric case and developing a care plan. Each team is assigned a student or recent graduate facilitator to welcome the team, monitor the process and lead a team reflection exercise mid-way through the meeting.

Inter-professional team training is a primary focus of federally funded Geriatric Education Centers. The annual MCGEC Inter-Professional Team Geriatric Case Training ensures that health profession students develop skills for working in inter-professional teams and knowledge of person-centered geriatric care prior to entering the workforce. 

For more information, please call Dr. Susan DeRiemer at 615.327.6050.