Facts about the meharry sickle cell center

  • Meharry's Sickle Cell Center is one of the oldest in the country, celebrating 40 years of service to the community in 2012. Although it was officially established in 1972, it had already been conducting blood screenings for at-risk populations for some time.

  • In 2009, the center celebrated its 20th anniversary as the Hemoglobinopathy Confirmatory and Reference Laboratory for the State of Tennessee Department of Health's Newborn Screening Program.

  • The center is able to detect multiple hemoglobin abnormalities in the blood. Using isoelectric focusing electrophoresis; alkaline, acid, and neutral electrophoresis; high performance liquid chromatography; and DNA testing, the center can identify hundreds of different hemoglobinopathies, in addition to sickle cell and other blood disorders.

  • The Meharry Sickle Cell Center tests literally thousands of blood samples a year for abnormalities. Not only are newborn blood tests confirmed for the state of Tennessee, but individuals of all ages may contact the center directly for testing.