Sexologist Rachael Ross, M.D. ’01, Ph.D., Addresses Women's Health After 50

From the Nashville Medical News, May 7, 2013
By Cindy Sanders

Despite her curiosity about the intersection of medicine and sexuality… particularly for women…Rachael Ross, M.D., Ph.D., found there just wasn’t much offered in the medical school curriculum when she was a student at Meharry Medical College. Now a nationally renowned clinical sexologist, Ross was thrilled to be invited back to her alma mater last month to participate in the panel discussion “Not the End of the Road: Menopause in Women over 50” as part of the Center for Women’s Health Research Community Forum.

During residency, Ross began doctoral coursework with the American Academy of Clinical Sexologists and is board certified in the subspecialty, as well as in family medicine. A contributor to the popular television program, “The Doctors,” Ross has also been an oft-quoted expert in consumer magazines and is the author of numerous articles and a book on the topic of sexuality and sexual health.

“For so long, the menopause discussion just glossed over sexuality,” Ross said, adding the focus was always on hot flashes, mood swings, weight gain and wrinkles. “It’s nice to see sexuality becoming part of the discussion. Women deserve answers and solutions just like the guys do.”

Of the media messages bombarding women, she said, “Every magazine you read … every news story … is telling you when you hit 50 it’s all over.” On the other side of the equation, Ross noted, it’s very interesting to see how drugs targeting erectile dysfunction have impacted and changed long-term relationships. Now one partner is ready, willing and able, but the other is struggling with physical and emotional issues that also must be addressed.

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