Meharry's Alumni Hall Now Bears
the Name of Dr. Henry A. Moses

Dr. Moses celebrates


Moses building signOn Friday, November 1, 2013, Dr. Henry A. Moses, Executive Director, Meharry National Alumni Association, Inc. and Professor Emeritus, Biochemistry, was honored as New Alumni Hall officially became Henry A. Moses, Ph.D. Alumni Hall.

The naming ceremony was the culmination of the week long meetings by Meharry's Board of Trustees.  As guests were seated in the hall waiting for a luncheon to begin, the board members entered and everyone was asked to step out onto the lanai right outside of the side doors. It couldn't have been a more perfect day – warm and bright with sunlight.

Chairman of the board, Frank Royal Sr., M.D., began speaking. "We have committed ourselves to you and to what you stand for," said Dr. Royal. "It is my pleasure that you look behind me on the wall. There is something called Henry A. Moses. This is your building!"

A cloth was then lifted and everyone gasped as they saw the name, Henry A. Moses, Ph.D. Alumni Hall. The first words Dr. Moses expressed was, "WOW!" The crowd, with laughter and tears, began applauding and hugging Dr. Moses, a much adored and cherished leader at Meharry Medical College for more than 50 years.

Dr. Moses admitted he was in complete shock. In a letter to the board, Dr. Moses wrote, "The naming of New Alumni Hall in my honor is a profound 'act of grace' on your part, and that of your staff, toward me. I appreciate the recognition that it shows as testimony to the 50 + years (all of my professional life) that I have given to Meharry Medical College and the students, faculty, alumni and staff. I will not disappoint you in maintaining my commitment to Meharry Medical College nor will I forget what you have done for my legacy."

Moses Alumni Hall exteriior