Gretchen Campbell, M.D. ’99:
Looking for Meharry Alumni Ambassadors

Dear Fellow Meharrians,

I am Gretchen Campbell, Medical School Class of 1999. As we have developed in our careers, we may have been afforded many opportunities, but they can’t compare to the opportunity that Meharry Medical College afforded us years ago. Now, it is our turn to support the institution that made our careers possible.

The Meharry Alumni Ambassadors are Alumni that volunteer their time and energy solely for the purpose of contributing and generating money for Meharry. As advocates, we will continue to promote Meharry Medical College by increasing awareness of its mission, achievements, challenges and goals, and the positive impact that the College continues to have in sustaining and improving the nation’s healthcare system.

In 2014, we have the opportunity to have a profound impact on Meharry Medical College and the deserving students following in our footsteps. Any Alumnus is welcome to join this effort. The criteria for affiliation is a minimum annual contribution of $1,000 to the College and the commitment to encourage at least five other Alumni and or friends to join this noble cause.

Through the Meharry Alumni Ambassadors Program, it is our quest to engage and cultivate relationships with Alumni and friends to generate gifts for our beloved Alma Mater.  Our number one goal over the next 5 years is to increase the Endowed Scholarship Fund. More details are forthcoming!     

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, please contact the Meharry Alumni Ambassadors’ Liaison, Ms. Gloria D. Sanders at 615-327-6512 or


Gretchen H. Campbell, M.D. ‘99