Meharry Department of Campus Safety OFFERS Security Safety Tips

Summer is an exciting time because of commencement exercises throughout the United States and abroad.  Students are graduating from high school, college and graduate and professional schools everywhere.  But, safety is always a priority during this time.  Many of you will be going on to hospitals, other schools or entering the workforce.  It is important for you to look at the area’s crime report where you are going to ensure appropriate decisions are made for housing, travel and work environment.  A prepared person is a safer person.  Being prepared for what may happen next begins with understanding the area you will work, study or live in.  We suggest you visit the website of the city, hospital or school and review the crime statistics for those areas.  Make informed decisions by using the most recent data available.

Overseas Travel

Traveling overseas is a great opportunity.  There are certain preparations that will make your travel smooth and enjoyable.  First, make sure you have all required travel documents such as a passport, birth certificate and driver license.  Some countries only require the birth certificate and driver license but having a passport is the best documentation you can have and can be used for all travel outside the United States.  You will need all three to return to the United States.  Next, be aware of any travel alerts and warnings.  The State Department issues these warnings to make everyone aware of dangerous conditions.  Third, always be prepared for an emergency.  Pack any medications in their original containers in your carry-on bag and contact your health insurance company to determine if your insurance covers you overseas. It is also wise to make photocopies of your itinerary and travel documents and leave one copy with a relative or friend.  And last, keep up with your money and understand the exchange rates before you leave.  Contact your bank or credit union and make sure your cards are accepted at your destination and consider travelers checks for added security.

Water Safety

Summer time means lakes, water parks, the beach and backyard swimming pools.  Summer also ushers in the fun in the sun activities.  As with all things, safety must be on the forefront of our minds.  Please consider the following tips:

1. Alcohol and the beach do not necessarily mix.  If you drink while on a beach, do so with people you know and those that will have your best interest in mind.  Refrain from getting intoxicated while on the beach.

2. Do not swim if you have been drinking.  The alcohol already affects your coordination and further inhibits your judgment, but it will also have a bearing on your body when you enter cool water.

3. Don’t dive into unknown bodies of water especially head first.

4. Don’t underestimate the power of rivers and lakes because of undertows.  You can be over taken swiftly.

5. Remember, life guards cannot see everyone and if you have children they are not babysitters.

6. Always review and abide by posted safety precautions at water parks.

7. Do not operate a boat if you have been drinking (B.U.I.). Have personal flotation devices for everyone on board.

The Meharry Medical College Department of Campus Safety and Security congratulates the Class of 2015 and wishes a safe and happy break for all returning students.  Please remember to be safe on campus and remember to be safe in all of your activities.

For more information on overseas travel please visit  For more information on water safety please visit the National Safety Council at  

Non-emergency 615.327.6254

Emergency 615.327.6666