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Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Patient Bill of Rights

Every patient who comes to Meharry Medical Group (MMG) for health care has certain rights and we make every effort possible to guard:

  • The right to receive the best quality of health care, regardless of the patient's ability to pay
  • The right to be treated with respect, consideration, and dignity
  • The right to obtain a second opinion elsewhereThe right to change physicians, for any reason
  • The right to participate in the decisions made regarding the patient's health
  • The right to have all questions answered
  • The right to express concerns and suggestions to the management of MMA, with the assurance that legitimate grievances will be promptly addressed and resolved to the patient's satisfaction

Patient Responsibilities

  • Patient is responsible for co-payment and co-insurance at time of visit. It is the patient's responsibility to provide accurate insurance information. 
  • Patient must present any new insurance information to front office staff during check-in.Patient must present photo ID during check-in.
  • Patient is responsible for providing notification of any changes in address and contact telephone numbers during check-in.
  • Patient must present referral documentation upon arrival (if applicable.)

Adhering to these responsibilities will increase our staff's ability to better serve you.