Personal Appearance Policy

Effective Date: July 1, 2011

Last Reviewed: July 1, 2015

Review by: July 1, 2016


To set forth Meharry's requirements that each employee's dress, grooming, and personal hygiene should be appropriate to the work environment.

Policy Statement

Employees are expected at all times to present a professional, businesslike image to customers, prospects, and the public. Acceptable personal appearance, like proper maintenance of work areas, is an ongoing requirement of employment. Radical departures from conventional dress or personal grooming and hygiene standards are not permitted.

If your position permits you to wear casual business attire, you should use good judgment in your selection.

If you appear at work in inappropriate attire, you will be sent home and directed to return to work in proper attire. The time away from work can be charged to Annual Leave, leave without pay, or at the supervisor's discretion made up at the end of the same day.

If you work in an area where uniforms are required, you must wear full uniform at all times and it must be neat and clean. Accessories, such as scarves, belts and jewelry may present a safety hazard around equipment and office machinery.

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