External Support

Effective Date: October 2005

Last Reviewed: July 1, 2015

Interim Date: July  21, 2015


The purpose of this policy is to determine grant funding sources, approval of program development and the submission grant applications.

Policy Statement

Direction of requests for external funding to support projects within schools of the College is the prerogative of the deans of the schools; however, final approval authority over all proposals requesting such support rests with the President of the College.

The College has primary legal responsibly for all grants and contracts since they are awarded to Meharry and not to individual faculty or staff members, even though the grant or contract may designate a specific individual to carry out programmatic objectives of the sponsored program named as the Applicant, Principal Investigator, Program Director or Program Coordinator.

Responsibility for proposal development and ongoing program/project review will be delegated to the Director of Sponsored Research or other appropriate unit administrator. This individual is responsible for:

  • Keeping informed on available sources of funds and application deadlines and disseminating this information to the faculty.
  • Assisting investigators in required internal review and timely submission of their proposals; and
  • Assuring that applications meet all applicable Federal or other regulations with regard to research involving human subjects, use and care of animals, radioisotopes, and similar issues.

The Associate Vice President for Corporate and Foundation Relations or his/her designee will collaborate with the Director of Sponsored Research in maintaining and disseminating information on potential funding sources and programs in the private and voluntary health agency sectors and will assist in developing approaches to such sources.

Review of the financial content and implications of all applications will be the responsibility of the Director of Sponsored Research, directly and through the Director of Grants and Contracts, who will provide assistance to the applicant in the development of budgets for applications and establishing administrative record-keeping functions after grant award. The Director of Grants and Contracts is also to ensure compliance with all fiscal requirements of the sponsoring agencies.

This policy is currently awaiting approval. You can view the interim policy to the right or by clicking here.