Adverse Events Reporting System

Effective Date: January 31, 2008

Last Reviewed: July 1, 2015

Review by: June 30, 2016

Policy Statement:

In the event of an accident, discovery of a hazardous condition, or an incident, it becomes the affirmative duty of all health-care providers, agents, and employees of the College to report these adverse events to the Office of Corporate Compliance. Additionally, each adverse event must be investigated and analyzed for cause and frequency. Appropriate measures will be taken by the Director of Corporate Compliance to minimize the risk of injuries to students, faculty and staff members, patients and visitors.

The Meharry Reportable Event Form shall be the standard form used College-wide for incident reporting. Instructions for filling out the report are on the form as well as on-line. Every incident must be thoroughly documented in order to preserve evidence and also to ensure maximum recollection.

All accidents to faculty or staff members, visitors, volunteers and students are reportable events under this policy.

Physical evidence relating to an incident is not to be tampered with, destroyed, returned to the manufacturer, or be otherwise removed from the  Meharry premises without the expressed authorization of the Office of Corporate Compliance.

Reasons for the Policy

To establish a policy on reporting and documenting incidents occurring on Meharry Medical College’s premises or within the scope of Meharry business activities, which could (or do) result in injury to faculty or staff members, visitors, volunteers, students or patients, or results in damage or loss of property.

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