Social Media Policy

Effective Date: July 1, 2011

Last Reviewed: July 2, 2014

Review by: May 31, 2015


This policy applies to Meharry Medical College, its participating physicians, clinicians, students, and all college employees, business associates, contractors, and sub-contractors.

Policy Statement:

To provide guidelines outlining how MMC supports institutional communication goals, as well as providing social computing guidelines for MMC faculty, staff, and students engaging in online discourse and identifying themselves with MMC.

MMC recognizes that such sites are increasingly useful communication tools and acknowledges the right of staff and employees to freedom of expression. However, all must be aware of the potential legal implications of material which could be considered abusive, defamatory or breach of confidentiality.

The policy is not intended for social media activities that do not associate or identify a faculty, staff, or student member with MMC, does not utilize MMC email addresses, and does not discuss MMC and intended purely for personal matters.

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