Conflicts of Interest

Effective Date: January 1, 2008

Last Reviewed: July 1, 2015

Review by: June 30, 2016


To ensure that all faculty, officers, trainees and staff of Meharry Medical College (the Meharry Community) make decisions and conduct the affairs of the College based solely upon a desire to promote the best interests of the College and to achieve the goals of its mission.This policy provides guidelines that govern the behavior and actions of officers, faculty, trainees and staff of the Meharry Community; and is intended to aid in avoiding, managing and eliminating conflict of interest and to provide assurance to the public of Meharry’s compliance.

Policy Statement

No member of the Meharry Community as herein defined under “covered persons” may engage in any transaction or undertaking that may give rise to a conflict of interest or conflict of commitment, without prior disclosure of the potentiality of the conflict to Meharry Medical College. Each member of the Meharry community has a duty and obligation to Meharry to exercise their professional judgment in a manner unaffected by individual financial, professional or personal considerations. (Including the appearance of such influence). Therefore, members are obligated to report actual or potential conflicts of interests and commitment consistent with this policy and to cooperate in the remedy of any actual or potential conflicts.

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