Grant Submission

Effective Date: November 20, 2014

Last Reviewed: July 1, 2015

Review By: January 1, 2016


This policy outlines who is eligible to apply for grants or direct sponsored and unsponsored research projects as a Principal Investigator at Meharry Medical College.

Policy Statement 

This policy applies to extramural research awards (i.e., grants, contracts, cooperative agreements and subcontracts) issued to Meharry Medical College from, for example, a sponsor (e.g., NIH, NSF, etc.), another institution (e.g., Vanderbilt) or a business (Amgen) and to intramural awards.

All grants are awarded to the applicant institution.

All sponsored activities and all research projects, sponsored or non-sponsored are led by an individual who assumes primary responsibility for the conduct or management or the activity, on behalf of Meharry Medical College, as the Principal Investigator.

Principal Investigators at Meharry Medical College must be faculty members employed by Meharry Medical College at least 80% time who possess technical competence and substantive capabilities to carry out sponsored projects and research. In unusual circumstances and when it is beneficial for the College the appropriate Senior VP may approve, a person without a faculty appointment, including senior administrators, to serve as principal investigators; in all cases, however, a principal investigator must be employed by Meharry Medical College at least 80% time before an application is submitted or a project is undertaken.

Meharry trainees, such as graduate students, postdoctoral trainees and residents, may apply for fellowships whose purpose is to support their training.

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