Academic Policy for Title IV eligibility

Determination of a Student's Status

  • A student is classified as full-time, if he/she is properly registered for at least 9 semester hours in the Office of the Registrar and is pursuing a course of study, which will lead to a degree or certificate from Meharry Medical College in accordance with College's policies and procedures.
  • Full fees and appropriate tuition are due and payable on or before the day of registration. However, the Dean of the respective school may defer a student's payment of tuition on the day of registration in July or August, (June for students in the MAPS Programs) if the following conditions have been met: (1) The student has been awarded a loan, and/or (2) the student presents proof of pending scholarship aid in an amount equal to or greater than the tuition due which has been processed through the Office of Student Financial Aid prior to the day of registration. Deferred tuition must be paid prior to subsequent registrations.
  • Students, who present proof of health insurance coverage equal to or greater than that provided by Meharry Medical College, as determined by the Office of the Registrar, may be exempted from payment of the health insurance fee.

Financial Aid and Academic Status
In order to be eligible for financial aid from sources other than private College or school funded sources (emergency loans, grants or scholarships provided solely at the discretion of the College), a student must meet his/her school's criteria for good academic standing. Based on regulations promulgated by various federal and state agencies, a recipient who receives financial aid from those sources are bound by the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (SAP) and aid eligibility will be determined according to policy.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for Title IV Financial Aid Eligibility Forms