Student Financial Assistance Information

All first time borrowers are required to complete entrance counseling before a federal student loan is disbursed. The goal of entrance counseling is to help you better understand what it means to borrow federal student loans. It helps you to become better financial stewards of borrowing; helps you manage your educational expenses; provides your rights and responsibilities as a borrower, and explains what a Direct Loan is and how the loan process works.

In order to complete this requirement, please log into and click on the "Complete Counseling" link under the "Manage My Direct Loan" heading and follow the directions. Once you have completed the counseling, an acknowledgment will be forwarded to the Financial Aid Office satisfying this prerequisite.

Recipients of federal loans must complete an exit counseling session, prior to graduation, separation or less than half-time attendance. Loans will be summarized and terms of repayment, deferment, and responsibility will be reviewed. Student borrowers are awarded loan funds to pay for their education on the basis of a promise to repay after leaving school. Failure to do so can result in adverse consequences.