PREALUMNI 2016-2017

Pre-Alumni Association

The Pre-Alumni Association is the student government body at Meharry.  This organization provides student leadership and offers an official communication mechanism for student's ideas and opinions concerning the college, improving relationships among students, faculty, staff and administration. The Pre-Alumni Association sponsors many student activities and community service projects on and off campus. All students of Meharry Medical College are considered members.

Annual events:

  • Town Hall and Student Life Committee* Meetings
  • Student Leadership Luncheons
  • General Council Meetings
  • Community Day
  • Friends and Family Weekend
  • Pre-Alumni Association Gala

Student Life Committee
In an effort to increase student satisfaction with their experiences at Meharry Medical College, the administration organized a Student Life Committee.  Its purpose is to promote academic, social, and college-sponsored activities that encourage outstanding quality-of-life experiences, from initial enrollment through graduation.  The committee is a forum and structured process for receiving student input on ways to strengthen the college.

Improving relationships between students and the Meharry administration, faculty and staff is the principal goal of the process.  The Student Life Committee aims to position itself as the catalytic agent for stimulating open debate and dialogue among the campus constituencies.  The Student Life Committee brings together a range of expertise from across the campus to bear on a reasonably limited set of issues before action is taken.

Led by the president of the Pre-Alumni Association, the Student Life Committee is composed of the Pre-Alumni Council (all officers of the Pre-Alumni Association and the Presidents of all registered student organizations - which includes class presidents) and 10 representatives from key areas of the administration.  The committee reports to the Student Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees. Its work is supported by the Senior Vice President for Student Affairs and the Director of Student Life.  Student concerns can be submitted using the intranet web form here, or to the Pre-Alumni Association by email, who will in turn present them to the committee.

The committee meets monthly from September through May. All students are welcome to attend.

Pre-Alumni Association Constitution

Administrative Support
A. Dexter Samuels, Ph.D., MHA
Senior Vice President, Student Affairs

Tammi Lavender, M.B.A.
Director, Student Life

Mitzy Johnson, MSHE
Program Coordinator, Student Life