Student Travel

All students traveling on behalf and/or as a representative of Meharry Medical College must abide by the Institutional Travel Policy and the International Travel Policy and Procedure. In addition, those students who wish to study abroad by way of student organized, church organized, physician organized, etc. mission trips, must follow the process listed below.

International Mission Trip Approval Process

  1. Contact the Office of Student Life no fewer than 6 months prior to your proposed departure date to inform them that you would like to begin the process of planning an International Mission Trip.

  2. The Office of Student Life will contact the General Counsel’s Office along with the Dean and Student & Academic Affairs Dean(s) of your respective school to schedule a meeting to discuss the International Travel Policy. At this time, students and faculty will also be asked to review the US State Department’s website for travel advisors and consider registering their travel, if approved, through their STEP program; check passport and VISA requirements and order appropriate documents (

  3. The group leader for the trip will receive additional information from the Office of Student Life to include:

a.       Link to the International Mission Trip Request Form requesting the following information:

    • Dates of Trip (start and end date)
    • Trip Destination
    • Proposed Transportation Method(s), i.e. – fly from Nashville to New York, NY, New York, NY to ? Africa. Shuttle to lodging facility/residential home.
    • Type of Lodging (hotel, college campus, private home, etc.)
    • Address of Lodging Facility
    • Address of Worksite
    • Sponsoring Organization/Agency (if applicable)
    • Physicians/Faculty Members Advising (must be a minimum of two)
    • Purpose of the trip (include proposed learning objectives as well)
    • Activities Planned (be as detailed as possible)

b.      Outline of an Externship Agreement or Memorandum of Agreement between Meharry and the Affiliate or host site/group.

c.       A copy of the Grant Proposal and Prospect Solicitation Approval Form. This form is not required. It is only for groups who would like for Institutional Advancement to assist with finding donors to fund the trip. This form should also be attached to the online International Mission Trip Request Form.

4. After the forms are submitted, the Director of Student Life will schedule a meeting no later than 10 business days after the form is received with the Dean/Associate Dean of the school(s) that have students as prospective participants. This will ensure the forms do not get lost and they can be reviewed in a timely manner.

*Please note, sometimes a trip is approved, but certain students are not approved to go on the trip. The Deans/Associate Deans will share that information at the time of review.


5.       If the trip is approved, no fewer than 30 days before the date of departure, the following steps need to be taken by each individual student to the Office of Student Life so that all forms can go to the respective schools at the same time for approval signatures, then to the President’s Office, General Counsel’s Office and Controller’s Office for approval signatures. *Faculty members should submit their forms to the appropriate approving parties and send a copy of their travel itineraries to the Office of Student Life.

a.       Review the Student Travel Handbook

b.      Complete the Student Travel Authorization Form (found under Student Forms on the Finance Forms Intranet Site)

c.       Complete the Health Information Form

d.      Attach copies of each participant’s airline ticket, hotel/lodging information, daily schedule and off-site entertainment, if applicable.

6.       No fewer than 10 days before departure, students and the faculty advisors will be given a certificate of insurance from the College, information on how to access health care (including mental health care) while away and a copy of the details of the externship agreement/memorandum of agreement to include evacuation plans and security information.

7.       Each traveler should scan a copy of travel documents and passport and email them to yourself in case of theft or loss while abroad.


8.       Upon return, each student should submit the following to the Office of Student Life no later than 15 business days after returning:

a.       Post-trip report to include details of their activities, what they learned and how the trip impacted his/her life and their educational journey. The report should also include pictures. (Students have the option of making a video presentation, but it must include all items listed above from each student to count as the post-trip report).

b.      Student Travel Expense Report (found under Student Forms on the Finance Forms Intranet Site)

c.       If a donor sponsored all or part of the trip, a group thank you letter signed by all participants, including photos should be turned into the Office of Student Life as well.