How to Report Concerns, Suggestions and Commendations

Department of Campus Safety and Security Inquiries, Complaints and Commendation Form

Student Procedure for Reporting Concerns, Compliments or Suggestions

Student Intranet Reporting Form

Campus Facilities Concerns

If you notice a restroom needs attention during business hours or have other facilities concerns, you may call Campus Operations at (615) 327-6800 to report the problem/concern.

If you are on-campus after hours and you're cold or hot and would like the temperature adjusted, you can call the Department of Safety and Security at (615) 327-6254. They will, in turn, contact the on-call Campus Operation staff person to come adjust the temperature in your building/room.


Sexual Misconduct Reporting Guidelines

A. Reporting an Incident of Sexual Misconduct

Employees and students have a duty to report violations of this policy immediately upon receiving a compliant for sexual misconduct or observing or learning of conduct that is reasonably believed to be in violation of this policy. The Office of Human Resources (615.327.6336), the Office of the Dean in his/her schools; Office of Student Affairs (615.327.6435) the General Counsel’s Office (615.327.6102), the Title IX Coordinator (615.327.6552) and Campus Safety & Security (615.327.6254) are equipped to receive such reporting. The Office of General Counsel shall be contact for any allegation(s) involving a faculty member.

More details on the policy and reporting can be found in the Student Handbook.

Title IX Coordinator Offices

  • Office of the General Counsel: 615.327.6552 or 615.327.6921
  • Registrar’s Office/Student Services: 615.327.6806
  • Office of Human Resources: 615.327.6336

Support Resources

  • Campus Security- 615.327.6254
  • Counseling Services and Office of the Chaplain: 615.327.6975
  • Meharry Medical College Hotline Number: 1.888.695.1534
  • Metro Nashville Police- Domestic Violence Unit: 615.880-3000 (8am-10pm) and 615.862.8600 (after 10pm)
  • Tennessee Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-356-6767
  • YWCA Crisis and Information Line: (615) 242-1199 or toll free 1-800-334-4628