Meharry Student Meal Card

The Meharry Medical College meal card (Salt Wagon card) is available to all full-time enrolled students and is funded by various revenue sources of the College. The card can be used at the Salt Wagon Café on campus.

Must be an enrolled full-time student of Meharry Medical College.
Post seniors, resident students and part-time students are not eligible for a Salt Wagon Card.

Eligible students receive $250 on the Salt Wagon card for the Fall and Spring semester for a total of $500 per academic year.

  • First year students receive a Salt Wagon Card within the first few weeks of their matriculation at Meharry Medical College.
  • The card is loaded in July/August and January of each academic year for returning full-time enrolled students as each class is officially registered.

  • Funds from the Fall Semester will roll over to the Spring Semester unless the student is not enrolled for the Spring Semester, then the student will lose any funds that were not expended during the Fall semester.

All funds expire on June 30th of each academic year for all students.

Lost or stolen card?
Please contact Aramark – Tiger Dining at (615) 963-5461 to report it and have a new card issued. A $10 fee will be charged for a replacement card.

Card Balance
The staff of the Salt Wagon Cafe can inform students of their balance by swiping the card at the register. The remaining balance will show on the printed receipt after each purchase as well.

Please note there is not an automatic process to send student information to Aramark once students are officially registered. After the initial registration of each class (see the academic calendar for enrollment/registration dates), the enrollment will be checked bi-weekly for additional enrolled students and those names will be sent to Aramark by the Director of Student Life for funds to be loaded. To check your registration/enrollment status, you can login to MyMMC.

Visit the Salt Wagon Cafe web page for more information about the cafe.

For questions or concerns about when the card will be loaded or when/where to pick up the card, please contact the Office of Student Life at (615) 327-6792 or by email at