Data Science

Data artThe Data Science Center (DSC) collaborates with the Schools of Medicine, Dentistry and Graduate Studies and Research to develop a curricular “thread” that uses inter-professional education and small group learning. This thread provides an introduction to the concepts of “big data” science, precision medicine and population health management.

The DSC draws from more than 25 sources within the schools, bringing together data into a structured and unstructured data ecosystem to allow aggregation, integration and analysis particularly in support of clinical operations and public health. Analyzing clinical data from outpatient services which are delivered to underserved populations in the greater Nashville area provides insights toward achieving health equity. Such data may also be available for analysis with various biorepositories as well as genomics data, providing an opportunity to apply “big data” analytic techniques to the health equity problem.

Meharry Medical College has contracted with Clearsense, a company that specializes in data management analytics, to build the data ecosystem in which all of the data and analytics will reside.

In the area of public health, the DSC has already aggregated the data from the public health exposome which incorporates publicly available health and environmental data at the neighborhood level. This data includes air quality metrics, crime statistics, information on access to affordable housing, violence, poverty and availability of grocery stores, liquor stores or other retail outlets. The data set has been used to examine the socioenvironmental and social determinants of health triggers for various chronic diseases.