Frequently Asked Questions

Who participates in Project SAVED?

Faith leaders, HBCUs, health professionals, community centers, non-profit groups, concerned citizens—anyone!

What do they do?

Collect data from their locale on numbers tested for HIV, and encourage testing through education, community events

How do they do it?

They contact Project SAVED! at Meharry's Center for AIDS Health Disparities, which assesses the community's needs. They then establish a leadership team, which undergoes training, not just on matters related to HIV/AIDS but also on community mobilization.

What training is available?

Seminars on understanding HIV/AIDS and discrediting the stigma associated with the disease that explain HIV's impact on the African American community, especially in the rural South. Information on conducting HIV Rapid tests, identifying care services for HIV positive persons, and applying community engagement and community mobilization models for HIV prevention, and information on building a leadership team and developing plans for HIV prevention in your community.

Who conducts the training?

Project SAVED! utilizes experienced and highly credentialed scientists, medical doctors, epidemiologists, health educators, social scientists, and clergy with expertise in the virology and treatment of HIV/AIDS, HIV/AIDS epidemiology, health disparities, HIV testing and counseling, community mobilization, socio-behavioral science, managed care, and theology to provide skill-building workshops and training for community members.

Are there are other services?

Project SAVED! also provides on-site, web-based, or teleconference consultation on...

Integrating HIV testing with health fairs, developing interventions and work plans, identifying community resources

How much does it cost?

There is no charge for any of the services provided by Project SAVED! Training seminars are scheduled for a minimum of four hours and a maximum of 2.5 days, according to the community's needs.

This is your call to action. Contact Project SAVED! and establish a coalition against HIV/AIDS in your community.

Project SAVED! is a CDC 09-906 funded initiative.