Participant & Clinical Interaction Resource

The purpose of the Participant and Clinical Interaction Resource (PCIR) is to provide the resources necessary to facilitate clinical research in a minority academic setting by expanding existing programs, nurturing new investigators, and encouraging full utilization of its services. This PCIR provides an environment that promotes participation in outpatient clinical and translational research, community outreach that fosters participation of underrepresented minorities, and resources for cost-effective research participant interactions.

Specific Aims:

Specific Aim 1: Enhance institutional and translational research infrastructure, capacity, and accountability;

Specific Aim 2: Provide an outpatient clinical and translational research environment that fosters the participation of underrepresented minorities;

Specific Aim 3: Foster intra-institutional and inter-institutional collaborations to increase the capacity to improve minority health and address minority health disparities.

Supported by the National Institute On Minority Health And Health Disparities of the National Institutes of Health under Award Number U54 MD0007593.